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I have invested more than a half century
in the bulls, and during that time, I have
met some fine people who have
contributed, generously, to the
preservation of La Fiesta. But, I have
never known anyone as dedicated as you.

Novillero, stepfather of a matador,
apoderado, builder of two plazas de
toros, emresario, bull breeder, director of
a school for aficionados practicos, and
now the father of a woderful, new
website. I tip my montera and my
Cordobes to you. Your friendship has
meant a great deal to me. Your
generosity knows no bounds.

I wish you continued good times. It's a
mystery why all that you have done
hasn't made a wealthy man of you. But,
it proves the axiom that there are some
things more important than money. La
Fiesta is bigger than any of us. But, it
takes people such as you to preserve its

I am honored to perform as you plaza
announcer and your juez de la plaza.

Keep up the good works, Fred. When
you finally check out, the mundo
taurino will weep for your loss and
cheer for your great contributions to the
world's most beautiful performing art.

Saludos y abrazos,

Lyn Sherwood
Lyn Sherwood aficionado practico, Renowned
      photographer, author, and taurine critic