Kelly Tipps former novillero
Kelly Tipps, Huamantla EDO.
August 13, 2005   Trofeo:
Una Oreja
2005-2006 Corporate
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After a thirty year absence from the
bullring, and with a yearning to return, I
went to Fred Renk's La Querencia Ranch
in February 2005 on the recommendation
of my old friend Eddie Cohen, president of
IATA. There I immediately found myself
immersed once again in the taurine world I
once knew and loved. After intensive
re-training from matador de toros David
Renk, with additional input from matadores
Longinos Mendoza and Enrique delgado, I
was soon able to return to the rings of
Mexico, fighting not as a novillero, as
before, but as an aficionado practico. And
I now find myself fighting alongside some of
the finest toreros of this fraternity from both
Mexico and the United States.

Along with his wife Lisa and his sons David
and Binker, Fred made me feel at home
from the first moment, and I shall always
remember the splendid time I spent with
them all as I devoted myself once again to
the harsh discipline of the bulls. If you are
seriously interested in tasting this difficult
but splendid art form for yourself, under the
quidance of people who know and can
teach, get out to La Querencia as soon as
you can manage it.

Mucha suerte!

Kelly Tipps