Jorge Luis Valcárcel aspirante novillero
Every photograph on this page was made possible by my dear friend and mentor Fred Renk. He took me under his wing in August of
2005 and since then I have fought in Plaza Santa Maria in La Gloria Texas, Ganaderia Fandanquillo in D. Coss Mexico,  and in La Plaza de
Toros in Cadereyta Mexico. In addition, I was able to hold my own along- side professional novilleros and matadors in Seville Spain during
the summer of 2006, where I fought at the legendary Ganaderia Albaserrada.  The training I received at La Querencia from D. Fred Renk, his
son Maestro David Renk, Maestro Longinos Mendoza, and Maestro Enrique Delgado, has been intensive, thorough, and professional. On top
of everything, they have all treated me like family. I go back at least once a month so I consider La Querencia my second home.

I want to also recognize my first teacher and "tio taurino," Maestro Juan Carlos Cedeño "El Catire" from Venezuela, who recommended The
Santa Maria School of Bullfighting to me years ago. Without his preparation I would not have been able to advance as quickly as I did.

In addition, I have been blessed to study under Maestro Mario Carrion, matador de toros from Sevilla Spain. He has opened his home to me
and has trained me intensively over entire weekends.

Recently in Plaza Santa Maria, I shared the ring with the legendary "Corralito" Maestro Fernando Corral, of Mexico. We participated in a
tienta and the maestro took the time to train me a bit after the animals returned to the torriles.

The Santa Maria School of Bullfighting is indeed a true Escuela Taruina in every sense.
It is a complete immersion in classical and pure toreo.  

I thank D. Fred Renk and Maestro David Renk, for all their guidance, generosity, support, and inspiration.

jorge luis valcárcel
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Photos by Fred Renk, Lyn Sherwood, Cesar Martinez