Jim Verner  aficionado practico
Many people consider
Jim Verner to be the world's
best amateur bullfighter, and
he very probably is.
However, since none of us
have seen all of the world's
amateurs, we can eliminate
any risk of error by stating
that he is undeniable among
the world's best. Jim has
been a frequent visitor at the
Renk's for the past several
years and is very familiar
with the bullfighting school.
His commets:

"If you really want to learn about bullfighting, Fred Renk's bullfight school is an excellent place to
start.... and to keep learning. The resident instructor, Matador David Renk, is a gifted teacher,
and even though I killed my first bull while he was still in diapers, I learn something from him
every time I am lucky enough to visit La Querencia Ranch and the Santa Maria Bullring."

"Visiting La Querencia is a special treat for anyone who enjoys bullfighting. Not only can you
watch Fred's growing herd of fighting cattle graze in the pastures behind the patio and bunk
house, but every moment at La Querencia is a total immersion taurine experience - posters and
photos crowd every wall, pasodobles and flamenco fill the air, and the talk is of little else but
toros and toreros (even if it is sometimes hard for me to talk with my mouth full of Fred's
mesquite barbeque or Lisa's cake.)"
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