Edward Jeep  aficionado practico
2005-2006 Corporate
P.O. Box 55 Santa Elena, Tx 78591  Tele: (956)481-3300  Fax (956)481-3800
                            email:  sunflwr@granderiver.net
Then a captain in the US Marine Corps., he first came to
the ranch a few years back in 2000. He worked wih David
a couple of days and about 6 total hours. He then appeared
for the first time in the 2000 Congreso of the IATA in the
Monumental Reynosa. He killed with a great sword and cut
an ear. He then was off to Afghanistan  with a helicopter
squadron and flew through the end of the conflict. He
returned to the 2003 Congreso and fought and killed well in
the Felipe Zambrano ring in Montertey, earning a well
deserved walk around. Then he was off to Spain being
stationed in Granada for a year, during which time he was
promoted to Major. Thanks to Jim Verner, he got lots of  
opportunities to fight cows on selected ranches.   He is now
back in the US and we expect him to appear in the next
Congreso of the IATA in 2006.