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Dn. Fred Renk   
Dn. Fred Renk is a ganadero de
toros bravo
with 50 years of
experience in the taurine world. He
was a former
aspirante novillero,
practico, taurine photographer,
author, and correspondent. He is
the father and
apoderado of
Matador David Renk "El Texano."
In addition he has served as
mpresa for many bullfights in
Mexico and Texas. Outside of his
beloved family, his bulls raised on
the sprawling La Querencia Ranch,
are his pride and joy. Don Fred
Renk's passion and vocation is to
La Fiesta Brava to all the
young people of the Rio Grande
Valley of Texas. Thousands of
young school kids have already
fiestas at the Santa Maria
Bullring where they were exposed
to the profound beauty of their own
culture. The kids were absorbed by
the music, the food, the art, the
heritage, and the spectacle of the
Spanish bullfight (bloodless).