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David Renk "El Texano" matador
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"From the wheelchair to the Plaza
Mexico, the world's largest bullring."
David Renk "El Texano" went through
surgery on both his feet to correct club
feet. At the age of 9 he began his
career on New Near's Day 1978 at
Dn. Arturo Garcia's Plaza de Toros
Santa Fe, in Reynosa. Three years
later on April 19th, 1981, he took his
alternativa at the Monumental Bullring
in Juarez, Mexico, and became the
seventh American matador in history.
Fermin Espinosa "Armillita"
and Miguel Espinosa "Armillita Chico"
testigo, with bulls from Los Hmns.

On October 2, 1983, David confirmed
his alternativa in Plaza Mexico, with
Rafael Gil "Rafaelillo"
Lorenzo Garza & David Liciega
testigo. Maestro Renk retired in 2000
but still appears at the Santa Maria
Bullring regularly. In addition, he is the
main instructor at the Santa Maria
School of Bullfighting.